Membership FAQs

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If I have a current membership, will the new levels affect me?

Yes, you’ll have new options when you renew your membership.

What if I want to purchase a membership after I have paid general admission?

The amount you paid will be deducted from the membership cost, but only for the number of people who will be listed on your membership.

How long does it take to process membership cards?

Please allow five business days for memberships to be processed and ready for pickup.

Why is Discovery Space raising the price for membership?

We care about access and are sensitive to the rising costs of raising a family. For this reason, April 2018 is the first time we have increased the cost of memberships since opening in July 2011. During our first six months in our new facility, we asked our members what they wanted from our memberships. In response to that feedback, we have created a set of membership levels which will now better fit family structures and the needs of our growing science center.

What happens if I buy my membership today and want to use it at another science center tomorrow?

We no longer print cards at the front desk so that our staff can be attentive to visitors. We recommend calling the science center you intend to visit ahead of time; most science centers will accept your confirmation email or receipt as proof.

How does my membership work at other science centers?

Discovery Space pays a yearly fee to remain a part of the ASTC Travel Passport Program. This allows you benefits at other ASTC science centers across the country and around the world. Visit the ASTC website to look for participating science centers.

Can I still get into science centers that are a part of the ASTC Passport Program if I don’t have my cards with me?

We recommend calling ahead to the science center you intend to visit. Science centers that are a part of the ASTC Passport Program may be willing to call Discovery Space during our business hours to verify that you have a current membership. You may also be able to use your membership email confirmation or receipt.

Can I add a caregiver to my membership?

Yes, a caregiver card is available upon request for all memberships except Lunar. Note: There is a $35 fee for Terrestrial.

How much is general admission?

$7 per person for everyone three and older.

Do adults have to pay general admission if they are not planning on interacting with exhibits?

Yes, we find the experience to have a lasting, positive impact on a child’s life when the parents/guardians engage in the science explorations too.

Do I need to purchase tickets before coming to Discovery Space?

Not for general admission. Occasionally we have events that require early registration.

Is there parking at Discovery Space?

Yes, we have a free parking lot.

Is there a separate membership for grandparents?

No, everyone is eligible for the new levels of membership benefits.

Can grandparents purchase a Lunar membership?

Yes, as long as the grandchildren are listed on another family membership.

Do all children and grandchildren need to be listed on the membership application?

Yes, any children and grandchildren that will be using the membership must be listed. The only way to receive discounts on programs, parties, facility rentals and gift shop purchases is to list all members of the family.

Can I get a replacement card?

Yes, for a $10 fee if you lost your card or are making any changes to your membership.

Where can I update my address?

Use our change of address form to update your address.

Is my membership tax-deductible?

Lunar, Terrestrial, and Stellar memberships are not tax-deductible. Of the $250 paid for Galactic memberships, $97 is tax-deductible, and for the $500 paid for Quasar memberships, $333 is tax-deductible.

If you have additional questions, please email or call 814.234.0200.