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Field Trip Information

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Big Ideas/Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

It’s Electric

8+yrs Create an electrical circuit while investigating electrical currents and exploring the difference between insulators and conductors. Cause and Effect, 4-PS3; Energy


8+yrs Learn about the science and real-world uses of chromatography and then use it to investigate and identify a mystery substance. Cause and Effect, Analyzing and Interpreting Data, Chemistry

Colorful Science

5-7yrs Practice conducting scientific experiments while investigating a mystery substance. Can you identify the substance using close observation and pattern recognition? Cause and Effect, Patterns, Analyzing and Interpreting Data, Chemistry

Chemical or Physical?

6+yrs Become a chemist! Carry out a series of experiments to help answer the question: is this a Chemical or Physical change? Cause and Effect, 5-PS1-4, Planning and Carrying out Investigations, Chemistry

A + B = ?

3-5yrs Explore a world of colors while practicing experimentation and making observations. Find out what happens when you combine substance A and substance B! Cause and Effect, Patterns, Observations