Registration Instructions

Program/Camp Registration Instructions

Everyone will need to register and create a profile the first time using our registration system. The profile you create will be for YOU, the parent or guardian registering their child for programs/camps. Visit to register.

The registration information is for you. Your username can be your email address or anything you can easily remember. Please use the email you use most often with Discovery Space programs (when signing up for programs, memberships, camps, etc.).

After entering your information, you will get directions to look in your inbox to complete your registration.

*This does take several minutes. If it takes longer than 10 minutes, please email

After you confirm, log in and you will see your “Dashboard”. Please use the MyDashboard drop-down menu to navigate through your profile and confirm your family’s information.

View My Profile: This is all about YOU as the parent/guardian. Please update with your information for contact purposes.

Manage My Household: This will have the information for your household, which includes your children and membership status (for example, if you have participated in programs with us before, or have a membership you should see your address and membership information.) If your household is correct, but you recently moved or have any other changes, please update your information.

If your membership status is incorrect, or you have enrolled in a program or camp before and do not see your information and children’s names please email us at so we can update your record. We may have an old email address on file and will need to update our database. We will do this as soon as possible after we receive the email. We will then email you after we fix the record and you can proceed with registration.

View Household Members: This is where all your household members are listed. This includes you, your partner, and any children that LIVE IN YOUR HOME WITH YOU. Information is voluntary, however, for children under the age 18, birthdays are necessary. If this is the first time you are registering a child for a program or camp click on edit for that child and update their information. This includes medical conditions, first aid, and publicity release.

If someone from your family is not listed please add them using the Add Household Member page.

View Enrollments: After you register for camps/programs you will see your camps listed here.

You’re logged in, have everyone listed in your household, answered questions about medical what?

Register for programs or camps!

If you click “Search Programs/Camps” you will see all programs and camps listed, and different search options are available so you can tailor the search to your needs.

After you click on “Register” choose your ticket type.

*If you are a member but cannot choose the member ticket, please email

Select the number of children you will be registering for that camp/program. Please note, there is a separate option for extended care (when available). Once the quantity has been chosen you will be prompted to select the child being registered from a drop-down menu.

* If you do not see the household member you would like to register, please go to your dashboard and “Add Household Member”

Answer the questions listed for the program.

Add to cart

You can continue “shopping” for camps, or you can check out. You can also remove camps.

Contact information will be YOUR information.

Please agree to the liability THIS MUST BE SIGNED TO CONTINUE

Billing information: put in your credit card information

Please note that due to growing demand and updated program registration software, full payment will be due at the time of registration.

Once you checkout, you will receive a confirmation message, and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided at registration.

We cannot wait to see you at Discovery Space!