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Based on the Science Cafe model developed in Europe in the 1990s, Science Pubs bring scientists and the public together for informal discussions around topics relevant to your world. A Science Pub is not a lecture but is a good conversation.  Enjoy a cocktail or dinner while engaging with your community and local scientists and experts. Big Spring Spirits will be hosting Science Pub the first Wednesday of every month.

Science Pub is free and open to the public. All ages are welcome.


From Franklin to Frankenstein and the Birth of Modern Chemistry

October 2

It is widely known that the 1818 novel, Frankenstein, evolved from Mary Shelley’s efforts in a ghost story contest with Romantic poet Lord Byron and English physician and writer John William Polidori. Less well known are the more subtle cultural and science-based influences on Shelley. Join Dan Sykes for a discussion of the theatrical and visual culture of Frankenstein and the rich social and scientific contexts of Mary Shelley’s novel.

Fantastic Voyage: Designing Self-Powered Nanobots

November 6

Small self-powered moving systems are of great interest, due to their applications in everything from nanomachinery, robotics, drug delivery, and sensing. Join Penn State’s Kayla Gentile for a discussion about how to build autonomous nanobots from scratch.
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